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Fox in the Snow Cafe

Fox in the Snow Cafe

I visited another gem in the Italian Village of Columbus – Fox in the Snow Café. Everyone always talks about this place, but I had yet to stop in and check it out for myself. Trying out different cafes is always fun. They all have different vibes.

Fox in the Snow café is a bakery and coffee shop. They serve beautiful hand-poured drinks in a really cool building.

I decided to go check it out with my mom. She is truly one of my best friends, and she loves coffee. I always get so excited when I go somewhere new! I knew that I wanted to get a coffee that looked cute like the ones that I always see in photos that people post from there. So, I asked them which one was the prettiest. They said that all of them were! So, I went with the mocha. You can never go wrong with a mocha. They put a note on my order to make my coffee extra pretty – I love that.

I also got this amazing blueberry and cheese pastry.

I think we went around 4 PM. So, the sun was making beautiful shadows in the café.

I mean...look how pretty that is!

My mom got a mocha too. I always tell her - and everyone else I eat out with - that they can't eat their food until I get a photo!

One of my favorite things about this place is all of the natural light. The café is a in renovated mason garage. You can see that the rectangular windows that make up the garage doors match the actual steel framed windows throughout the café. What is even cooler – the garage doors are still operational. The rafted ceilings also add an industrial, urban feel to the space. If you love the atmosphere - Fox in the Snow Café is available to rent for events of all kinds.

I love all of the plants throughout the café as well.

My favorite thing about these artful coffee drinks is that when you start to drink them the foam leaves rings in the cup. Yes - something as small as this makes me excited. I love how it looks!

There was this cute little girl with a cute little animal ear (I don’t really know what the ears were) headband on. She was with her mother too. I asked if I could take her photo. At first her mom was hesitant because I guess that is sort of a weird question to get! After I explained to her what it was for and why, she was totally okay with it. She was very nice.

When you travel you cannot be afraid to ask questions or seize the moment (or be obnoxious and silly taking 300 photos of one coffee cup lol). I don’t take photos because I think I’m a good photographer – I take photos because I love to capture the moment. I love taking photos of things that make me happy or excited – things to remember. I love to have memories to look back on. When I look back on these memories it also gives be a story to tell. Do what you love, and do not wait for someone else's approval.

- Ellie

To read more about Fox in the Snow Cafe – visit their website here.
Their Instagram is also amazing – check it out here.


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