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Katalina's & Victorian Village

Katalina's & Victorian Village

If you know me you know that brunch is my favorite. Katalina's is one of the coolest places to have brunch. There will always be a wait on the weekends, but it is worth it.

It's cute even with half of the lights out.

What is a pancake ball? A pancake balled up with Nutella inside, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Amazing. They're served with Katalina's Sweet N' Spicy Bacon. There are vegan and vegetarian options at Katalina's as well, so keep that in mind.

You have to go try them.

Above (top): Elote Cuban Cob Corn - Fresh corn with guajillo pepper, smoked paprika, cheese& Sriracha-lime aioli.

Above (middle): Pancake Balls with Sweet N' Spicy Bacon!

Above (bottom): Katalina's Latina Sandwich - Katalina’s Original Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Bacon™ or regular bacon plus two fried eggs, housemade tomatillo sauce, melted local Amish cheddar & Snowville crema on toasted sourdough

After brunch Li Xi, Douglas and I walked around Victorian Village. It was too gorgeous of a day not to.

There are many houses with gorgeous gardens displayed in the front yard. This house with the purple porch was my favorite. Its neighbor had purple and teal accents as well.


The owner came out to eat on his porch why we were taking photos. He was really nice and didn't care that we were there. I'm sure it happens all the time. We left after he came outside though.


(Below) I hadn't worn these shoes in forever. I always talk about getting rid of them, and then I put them on and decided that I love them too much. My Pumas.

Imagine having this right in front of your porch. I'd be sitting outside writing, drinking coffee everyday.

Again, whimsical.

Thanks for strolling through Victorian Village with me ;)
We're going to end this adventure where it began - on Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Next time the weather is nice, make the most of it. Wake up early, get your housework done and then go explore. Maybe you could try Katalina's while you're at it :)




Friend and Fashion Designer - Tessa Clark

Friend and Fashion Designer - Tessa Clark