"May you always find new roads to travel; new horizons to explore; new dreams to call your own."



I recently went to Arizona, and I fell in love. I keep using this word, but I can't help it.... beautiful. Arizona is so beautiful. I didn't get to see all of the state, or even half of it's hidden beauties, but what I saw was incredible. Sedona touched my soul the most. The energy there, the connection you feel there to nature, to self and to others...is magical. Sedona is like a scene from a movie. It is a romantic place. So colorful that you feel like you're driving through an oil painting. This trip meant so very much to me for many reasons. 

Some things you want to cherish and keep for yourself and between the people you shared those experiences with. This trip - the memories made and moments had - is one of those things. 

So, without words I will share a little piece of our Arizona adventure. Here are some photos from the trip. I hope you enjoy them and much as I enjoyed taking them.


Meteor Crater National Landmark

Airbnb in Sedona ~ The Yurt.

Below: The Hudson Sedona ~ Steamed Mussels and Spencer & Eddy Cocktail

Driving through the desert at sunset. 

Airbnb rent-a-tent in the desert. 

Antelope Canyon ~ Page, Arizona

Below: Views on the morning trail walk ~ Sedona, Arizona

Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park

Where the aliens at, baby? ~ Sedona, Arizona

Below: Evening at Vino Di Sedona

One last Airbnb in Sedona.

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